Green Tomorrowwhite_real_small

Green tomorrow is a question of the whole life.
It’s not a question of only to survive.
It’s not a question of how to pay the price.
It’s a question of a growing light.
Green tomorrow will it come?
Yes, if we take the plunge
into change of consciousness,
if we boldly go where no one has ever dared, find new ways of being aware.
Green tomorrow will be there,
green tomorrow of the earth.
Green tomorrow for the teams
on the timeless bumpy road.
Green tomorrow training tour
turning everything ‘round.
Green tomorrow means selling of the plan.
Green tomorrow means challenges ahead ...
Green tomorrow means efforts ramping up.
Green tomorrow is not just holding of summits
or boyfriends accused, or victims and girls.
Nor is green tomorrow a terror campaign.
Torture camps are not the green tomorrow,
nor police functioning and starvation.
Craziness and accusations aren’t the dynamics of green education.
Causes and solutions or total collapse:
Green tomorrow is more than media-freedom.
Green tomorrow is perspective of the unborn.
Alternative sources, global workforce:
Green tomorrow is always much more.

ARE YOU GETTIN' READY?white_real_small

There are people who know how to do.
There are people who are talkin' true.
There are people askin' you
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Some people are sleeping,
but dreamin' ain't enough,
action is needed, so better move your butt.
Tellin' piles of shit will never say much.
Well then: "Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
The weather is changin', the atmosphere too.
For business, I tell you, polar ice is no taboo.
They melt it down, for gettin' oil and more.
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
What can I say about bombs and the poor
that you do not already know?
It is time to change the consciousness:
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Man must change, everyone knows,
otherwise earth will change us all.
There's no way out except to do.
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Look out for the people who already do.
Look out for the people who know what to do.
Look out for the future and don't be a fool:
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
The power of earth is limitless, you know.
She can change it all, even make us go.
Better it is to listen to her call:
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Her resources we can use for the wonderful
if we turn to union and end all war.
New energies are there in our soul:
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Greatness it is that we need right now,
greatness and courage to change it all.
Greatness and courage for mighty love:
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Together, I tell you, we can be strong.
Together, I tell you, to reach what we want:
The United States of Planet Earth –
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Tomorrow shall be the time of love,
the time when we live for peace and hope,
the time for nature to regain her youth:
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"
Sweet is the vision and I open my eyes,
you are near to me, the breathin' life.
Earth is your mother and it is mine:
"Are you gettin' ready? Are you gettin' ready?"

Another Worldwhite_real_small

Another world is burnin'
and freezin', it's a frenzy.
Materialistic and body obsessed,
web influences are building up.
Another World is producin'
obsolete technologies in abundance.
Far out the sun is lurkin'
in dark space, waitin'.
Another world is threatenin'
the balance of the normal.
The changes of tomorrow
come with the roar of red volcanos.
Another world is a-bleedin'.
Drop by drop it's Odin's blood.
The advance of love and of beauty
is cosmic and can't be stopped.
Human love will be there
as long as you aren't inhuman.
Is paradise on Mars or is it on Earth?
It's here, my friend. It's another world.

SUNRAY REVOLUTIONwhite_real_small

Come gather 'round people,
I sing you a song
'bout the sun and the earth
and we who are one,
'bout the past and the present
and the things to come.
The earth was born from the sun.
The jungle was born
when time was young.
It took a long time till oil was born.
Shit-brothers are there, wastin' them both:
Oil and time for a future of hope.
Slaves of greed,
heartless rules they impose.
Atomic brothers and chemical brothers,
electronic brothers and warfare brothers
join the dance of the death-givin' sisters.
My child, are you wonderin',
are you cryin' for love?
My child, are you lookin' where life will go?
The climate is changin',
is smashin' your door.
Sunray revolution
is the dream of my heart,
a new understanding
of what it means to be smart,
a conscious expansion into union that lasts.
Cooperation for a global approach
to finding new ways for peace and love,
for saving the planet, for giving new hope.
The consciousness changes
and our life too
if we live our soul and follow the call
of workin' together for the best of all.
Sunray revolution
through islands of light
where we live new visions
and do the right
and find out the ways
to save our life.
From there it will spread,
the message of hope,
the science of living
and not of smoke,
the science of finding
what we need most.
From island to island beauty will grow.
Our food will be free
from poison and all
that weakens our life,
takes away the glow.
Our houses receive free sun-energy.
Our garden is manifold unity.
Sunray revolution is the action key.
New technologies for low-energy
and cars that are runnin' with electricity
help the genius of a mind that sees.
We know how to live together in peace.
Creative we are with the power to feel.
Sunray revolution for a future that’s real.

Living On A Planetwhite_real_small

I'm living on a planet, living just like you.
I'm living on a planet, green and blue,
with raindrops sad like you.
We are weepin', we are cryin'
with the trees a-fallin' down,
with the monkeys and the flowers
that no more will see the dawn.
I'm living on a planet.
I'm living there – it's my home.
I'm a-lookin' at the waterfall, see the rainbow glow,
see the mountains and the valleys,
see from where we come,
see the time grow young.
See all that faded come back again,
see me living on a planet with you again,
you: my love and friend.
I'm living on a planet.
I'm living there – till the end.
I'm walkin' with you through a free dream
where we follow a living stream
that no one has ever seen.
We are laughin', we are smilin'
and the trees touch the sky.
And the monkeys and the flowers too
know how to smile.
Yes, we are living on a planet.
We live there – it's our life.

All Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa
© Mira Sound Germany