Mirapuri Guest House offers quiet rooms for visitors of Mirapuri and is located near the Riva del Tempo Pizzeria-Restaurant.

Prices for Boarding and Lodging


Single Room
Single Room with Half-Board
Single Room with Full-Board

27,00 Euro per day
41,00 Euro per day
55,00 Euro per day

Double Room
Double Room with Half-Board
Double Room with Full-Board

43,00 Euro per day for 2 persons
32,00 Euro per day and person
44,00 Euro per day and person

Three-Beds-Room with Half-Board
Three-Beds-Room with Full-Board 

54,00 Euro per day for 3 persons
30,00 Euro per day and person
42,00 Euro per day and person

Four-Beds-Room with Half-Board
Four-Beds-Room with Full-Board

64,00 Euro per day for 4 persons
28,00 Euro per day and person
39,00 Euro per day and person

Breakfast: 4,00 Euro

For more information contact:
Via Ruga 6
I-28010 Mirapuri-Coiromonte
Phone: 0322 - 900263
eMail: Mirapuri@Mirapuri-Enterprises.com